!!! ATI R600: Fakten, Benchmarks, Bilder !!!

Date Sun, 11.03.2007 | Topic: Gerüchte

Fakten, Bilder und Benches zur nächste ATI-Grafikkartengeneration !!!
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3DMark03 Pro v3.6.0 Final
AMD Athlon64 FX55 , First WHQL driver , all in stock 1024×768 noAA noAF

X2800XTX ————–43606
X2800XT —————34623
7950GX2 —————29257

3DMark05 Pro v1.2.0 Final
AMD Athlon64 FX55 , First driver , all in stock 1024×768 noAA noAF

X2800XTX ————17387 ——–700/2200
X2800XT ————-16135 ——–625/1800
8800GTX————–15467 ——–575/1800
8800GTS————–13773 ——–500/1600
7950GX2————–12886 ——–500/1200
Die OEM-Variante, bei der der Kühler praktisch über die komplette Karte verbaut ist, soll stolze 12,4 Zoll, umgerechnet 31,5 cm, lang sein. Die Endkundenvariante ist dabei ein wenig aufrüstfreundlicher und „nur“ 9,5 Zoll, 24,1 cm, lang.
R600 won't use 250W
On the contrary to what the Inquirer claimed before the R600 won't be wasting 250 Watts. This doesn't mean that it is environment friendly however, the new estimate is still 180W.

Apparantly there won't be a 3 slot cooler, how it will be cooled is still a mystery though. Your guess is as good as mine.
On the bright side, you won't need a 1KW PSU to power the R600, it will come with an external powersupply. Then again I'm not that sure that this is a bright side.


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